Mr Thirsty - The Original Water Eater

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Mr. Thirsty is the safe convenient way to keep your home or office drier, warmer and more energy efficient.

Mr. Thirsty in your home or office will stop:

Water damage to window sills, walls, wood floors and carpets

Dampness and mildew

Drafts from cracks and poorly sealed doors and windows
The need of unsightly rags, newspapers, buckets and towels requiring messy and frequent clean up
Reduces heating and cooling costs both summer and winter
Mr. Thirsty can also be used for:
Leaking windows, sliding glass doors.  Stops water marks, dampness, and drafts.  Reduces heating and cooling bills
Leaking sliding glass doors, place products end to end to soak up moisture
Leaking basement walls, water heaters, and condensation problems
Leaking washing machines, air conditioners, appliances and drains.  Prevents water stains and slipping
Bathrooms, place product along bath tub and under sink to absorb water moisture.  Also gets rid of dampness around bowls and behind leaky faucets